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Our Second Giveaway Action

We were very satisfied with the results of the previous Giveaway action and here we are again, with 3 brand new Giveaways. The products elected for this month's giveaway are:


Rules are the same as before. If this is your first time contesting, you can find them here:

Thank you all for supporting our previous Giveaway action. We are very excited to find out who will win this time. Good luck everyone!! ^_^

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  • Mirai Neeku on

    Have been a Japanese anime fan from grade 5 but getting these gems would be like the dream come true and a big achievement of my life :)

  • Mirai Neeku on

    I am really mad for kawaii things and nothing is better than these. ? I have participated in this giveaway. Keeping my hopes high ? keep it up harajuku fever ??

  • Mint Muhiddin on

    I should win the Cute Kitty Cat School Backpack Bag giveaway because these bags are awesome that all my friends will go crazy about these bags and i will go crazy telling everyone how awesome Harajukufever’s products are. ❤❤❤❤❤

  • Nisa Kurnis Sari on

    The reason just because i love cats and i love cute things ❤

  • Vanessa Archer on

    I am entering this giveaway because I have always wanted a pair of those sailor moon Luna and Artemis tights! I’ve never had the money to order any but every time I see them I cry a little inside. I love sailor moon so much and I would be so happy to win a pair of tights. I would also love to win either of the bag giveaways! The backpack is so cute and the bag is also adorable and great for if you just need to go somewhere and take something small. I would be perfectly happy though with either one! I love them all but I’ve always wanted the sailor moon tights ? My Instagram is @essuhbear

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