Promoters (Beginner)


So you're interested in becoming a promoter but you're still short of 20000 followers? You can still sign up with us, as a Beginner Promoter. Please read the information below:


What we will give you

  • You will earn a 10% commission as store credit on every order that you bring in, until you get promoted to Advanced Promoter. (Scroll to bottom of page to find out how)
  • Once you have brought in 5 or more sales, we can give you an item from our shop as a "Giveaway" for you to promote. (This is optional)


What we ask from you

  • Do a shoutout for us on Instagram, click here to see how.


You can create your own Promo Code for your referred customers to use. This way we can track which customers are brought in by you. Just tell the customer to fill in your Promo Code at the discount section (the customer will also automatically receive a 10% discount). Please allow up to 48 hours for your Promo Code to be activated (usually much sooner).


You will also earn 10% commission on every sale you make as store credit. The amount of store credits you own is displayed in the Store Credits Information Board page. Every credit is worth $0,10.


We will not urge you to do anything as a Beginner Promoter. There is no need to feel obligated to work any specific amount or anything regarding that matter.


If you have any questions, please go to the out F.A.Q. section first before contacting us. However, don't hesitate to contact us if you're answer can't be found there or if you're stuck with anything!


Are you ready for it? Please fill in the forum below and join us:


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Beginner promoter sign-ups will be approved by default! Just don't forget to do the shoutout! ;)


How to get promoted to an Advanced Promoter

You can get promoted to an Advanced Promoter if you meet up with one of the following requirements.

  • Hit 20000 followers on Instagram.
  • Make 10 sales.